Tuesday, July 18, 2006

''She'' juz came back from 'haeven' !
'Heaven' ?
Hehe! i'm saying yk d*e!
The 'haeven' means -> HONG KONG DISNEYLAND!!!!!
Yk.... i'm so jealous u noe?

N i 1 2 talk about 'he' 2day.. can? (U cannot say 'cannot' b'coz tis is my blog)
hahahahaha!!!!!! ('za' da0!!!)
hm.... 'he''s sick ast week! i'm so worry (Eh! i tell u b4.... i'm not gay ok?)
'he' is my ''bestest'' fren (or i can say bro.) in this WORLD!!!
however... if he jump from the top of klcc.. i'll oso follow him!!!! (u jump! I jump!)

Oh! i forgot 1 thing liao!!!!
hehe...... Ty.... where is my...
'piano solo collection'!!!! i miss ''him''
but never mind if u forgot 2 bring it!!!
b'coz i noe the feel !!!
Wat feel??? The feel of 'forgot 2 bring something lo'!!!!
(sorry ah... got some grammar problem.... hope u can understand la!!)

i'm not a gay!!!!

1 comment:

ykcar said...

eh, he jump u jump?! u r so damn stupid la! haha...