Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fly away from M'sia...

Thomas cup and Uber cup, WE can't get it...
Lost... Lost... Lost...
Thought WE'll got it again.,
Thought WE'll get it back from China's hand.,
Thought the luck will always there.,
What you aspect, will not comes to you!!!

Interested in this world competition very much...
B'coz this is the only competition which will make US proud!
(and this will also 'bring' a holiday!!! Still remember the year WE when got it?? Haha!!!)
Anyway, this is the truth, and WE have to face it, accept it.
The only thing WE can do is, be prepared for the next challenge... The Beijing Olympic!

My favourite player, Lee Chong Wei beat the world number 1, Lin Dan.
He was totally on fire tat day, he was playing a great match! Unbelieable!!!
And Malaysia's first Olympic gold medal is going to fall to his hand!

About Koo and Tan, although they were not playing a good match in this Thomas cup,
they still have chances. When there's a will, there's a road!

Haih... Thomas cup, Uber cup, see YOU next four years.

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