Friday, January 26, 2007

IQ Questions

IQ 1...
What make you think that
0 bigger than 2
2 bigger than 5
5 bigger than 0
Can u answer it????

IQ 2...
A millionaire is living in a banglow.
Anyway, the neighbours at left
and right is so noisy.
He comes to the end of one's patience,(or cant restrain)
so he ask the two neighbours to move from here.
However, its still very noisy. Why???
Can u answer it????

IQ 3...
If u drop your IC,
what shuold be do???
Can u answer it????

Haha.... how? Is tat hard to answer??
Think properly n write ur answer in the CHATBOX.

1 comment:

Calvin said...

1. When playing 'Scissors, stone & cloth"
2. The two neighbour exchange the house.
3. Just pick it up