Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunway college...

Early in the morning, 6:30 i think. Went 'Ajimal' with my parents for breakfast. Why? because 2day i have to go Sunway college for a 'Leadership course'. And u know what i learned? HAHA... i learned that, leadership have so many types...(leadership oso got type 1 ar?)
1. Servant leadership - always think for others first.
2. Winnig leadership - do not say NO to himself or herself.
3. Authentic leadership - (i forgot what it means.)
4. Tranformational leadership - the leader act as a 'change agent'.
5. Charamasta leadership (i think it spell like this gua.) - the only power is with leader itself and others is just FOLLOW without saying out thier opinion or say no.
I learned a good sentence oso. 'A leader is to teach others to become LEADER and not FOLLOWER.'
Those study in Sunway can see Melc everyday except sunday and holidays. you know why? See the photo below>>>>>

and i found 1 thing which very funny... HAHA... found it at a stall in Sunway's canteen which selling waffles.

Take the challege as it comes...

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