Saturday, March 20, 2010

It Is A Challenge From God

God, will give us many challenges, always.
Some people, just cannot take it, and just give it up.

Everything in this world is given challenges.
Yes! Included human relationships.

Two years ago, I was too innocent and immature, extreme and negative thinking.

Well, it's all over. I knew that I've already done it.

Unexpectedly, the friend problems are coming to me now. I really don't understand what I've done and what I suppose to do!

Just because of refuses? Oh... no...
Although we're still not adult yet, but I think that we can solve this.
And I really don't understand with the use of this word to describe the feeling or even the friendship, "
I was so disappointed on this word. My heart was broken...
Seriously, why should use this word, why not others?

I really think that it is a challenge from Up there, challenge for us. No giving up please, my friend.

However, I don't really understand your feeling now. It just kills my heart.
I know there is a U-turn, but I don't know how soon we can see it. Very soon, perhaps.

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