Thursday, June 14, 2007


Haih... Again... We're lost!!!
Why??? We do it so well, success!!!
It is past anyway...
Don be sad... My frens...
Cheer up!!! Nxt year fight back, k?
Yvonne... Don be sad... k?
Nxt year k?

One thing make me surprise!!!
SMK seri sentosa get in top 5!
Wow!! Congratulation to them!!!
Hope them cam bit the f**ker VI!!!
Aimee! Freddie! Yi Pin!!!
Go bit them!!!! Don give them face!!!!

Walau... Samuel was so brave...
He said something to Jessie,
Sam : Because of the 'maying' song, so we cant do that!
Jessie : No!!! NO!! Is not the song problem. The problem is the voice, the pitching! Nothing wrong with the song!!!
Actually, we're out of tune when we're singing this song all the time.
That means oso out of tune when we're practicing.
But the bit*h din noe tat!!!
And said 'GOOD! VERY GOOD!!'
Yuck!!! So ugly!!! some more we cant take photo there u noe???
When i wan to take photo with my fren...
She said, 'Eh! plss don do tat!!'
What the!!! Where is ur brain la... haih!!!The girls come so early and make up!!! haih!!!!
This is the place where we sing after we sing for the competition. A lot of ppl looking at us!!

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Eh, where did the chatbox go to??!