Wednesday, August 06, 2008

PJ Hilton is hell...

''Ring... Ring....'' Ops, that's my phone alarm!
I look at the clock, it's 6.30.
I wake up, then brush my teeth, wash my face.
And go to 'pay water bill'.
I look at the clock again, it's 6.50.
OMG, so early, so, i decided to do my last practice.
I turn on the silence pedal, and then start my earliest practice.
I play it very soft, hm... till no sound at all.
And the songs wake my sisters up.
I cook a Maggie mee, eat it in front of TV.
it's 7.30 now, so i prepare my things before I change my shirt.
I walk out with my sister and wait for my cousin's car,
(she said she can fetch me ma...)
Listen to the morning crew,
when I get into the car.
OMG!!! Traffic jam!!! A huge traffic jam!
We've been trapped in the jam for one hour and 15 minutes.
Finally, we reached HILTON HOTEL.
We say goodbye to my cousin,
and I rushing into the hotel with my sister,
because, it's already 9.30!
(My exam time is about 10.10 and
I suppose to go there about one hour before the exam start.)
So, I considered late.
Go into the lobby, and straight to the lift.
Wait! i don noe which floor is the examination floor!
Luckily, got i auntie and her son oso come for exam,
so i juz follow them.
Wait in the waiting room after registered my name with the worker.
It was cool, my fingers become ice-cream.
Maybe because of panic, coz my sister din feel cool.
''Tham Feh Fan! Your turn!'' the worker 'shout softly' in the waiting room.
She brings me to the room,the examination room.
I open the door, and I saw a women sitting inside,
I think she came from England.
I noe her name was 'Nicole'. (Saw her profile in the waiting room.)
''Good morning!'' Wow, she have a beautiful voice,
and it makes me more nervous.
She start to asked SCALES. I played it safely.
Then i start my three pieces. After that is sight reading.
I play it well too, i think. Then, is my worst part come.
The aural section. She asked me to stand beside the piano.
And she comes in front of the piano.
She started to play. My heart also started to beat faster and faster,
and eventually the fastest.
She asked me some question about the pieces,
and I answer it clearly, and I noe I was wrong for certain question.
Finally, this exam comes to an end.
And, she said 'thank you! Bye~' to me.
And I don noe why, i said 'Have a nice day!' to her.
I don noe why i said this, it's juz come out from my mouth.
When i was walking out the room,
I've made a conclusion,
She had a good pronunciation... compared to the COW!!!!

Sorry ya.... long story, however, thanks for reading!!!!

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