Friday, May 04, 2007

The Cherry

Ressa, a girl always happy, always make her friends laugh. However, her happiness was stole by a boy. Chris, a sporting, clever boy that make her understand what is love. She is same class with him last year and she not really know him. One day, she is doing her revision at class for the exam later. A pen 'fly' and 'drop' at Ressa's table. Chris come in front of her table then,
'Can i get back my pen' he said to Ressa.
'Erm... Yes! Sure! Here it is!' She pass him the pen and said.
This is the time, they meet each other. From the day onwards, Chris and his friends always ask Ressa to join them.

To Be Continue...

Broken Eng. f@n pieces

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theresa said...

erm... nice 1 ! feh fan ! but it's tat say about marigold n me?