Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Cherry

However, she didn't talk so much him although they are in the same class. Just say a 'HI' sometimes, and do revision together. (They are doing their own revision. No talking when studying.) There is a relief period, everybody in the class are chit chat with their friends. Ressa, Chris and their friends are sitting at the corner of the class. And this is the time when Ressa fall in love with him. She is looking at him all the time while they are playing game at the corner. She don't even know why she so care about him. And she know, she loves him.
After the day, Chris absent to school for the whole week. Ressa and his friends is talking about why Chris didn't come to school for a week.
'I heard that he sprained his leg when he was playing basketball last weekend!' John, one of Chris's friend said.
'Huh!?!?!' Everybody shock after that, included Ressa.
When she get back her home after school, she makes a call to Chris. After the call, she feels at ease. About 1 week later, Chris comes back to school again. And in the week before Chris comes back to school, Ressa called him everyday eventually they are on intimate terms.
In the school, Chris always take care about Ressa. His friends think that they are dating because they are always together just like stick them together using the super glue.
They are happy everyday, and everybody around them express one's sincere congratulations and best wishes to them.

Wish you have a happy life...


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