Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Please help

Ok... Well... fei sin ask me promote a activity...
Haha... All saujanians,
as u noe there is a new food stall at our canteen,
which is selling the mee soup, or curry mee or others.
Everyday during recess time,
you will see a lot of people are waited to be served,
hm... i mean buying food...
but then, there's only one stall which
have a very good response from the students,
we call the stall as Chinese stall.
(since it is sell by Chinese Auntie)

Well, you noe what happen,
this Chinese stall had too good response,
and this brings the 'jealous' of the other stall.
Hm... we call it as Malay stall.
(Since it is sell by Malay guys and auntie)
the boss of the canteen,
decided to 'halau' them,
just b'coz of too good in response!
Come on la...
And what we have now,
is to make a complaint to our principal...
save our mee stall...
if not, we have to eat those ugly things like b4...
juz sign ur name, that's all!!!

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