Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sorry & Thanks

To: all my friends,

I'm so sorry...~
Yes, I very straight forward now,
it's just nothing, I just wan to say sorry.
Say sorry to those that I dislike or hate before.
I felt that I was stupid,
because I hated someone.
I did my things wrongly,
and now I have to face to the wrong things,
and now I have to solve the wrong things.

from my deepest part of heart.
Whatever that I did to you all,
I apologize here, and,
I know what should I do.

from my 'sadly' heart.
Whatever I said to you all,
I apologize here, and,
I know what should I say.

Yes! I know I was wrong,
and I'm changing myself!
I'm not a clever boy,
I'm not a smart guy,
Do the things without thinking,
Speak out the words without thinking,
that's me, that's the truth.

But now, I wanted to change,
to be a better person,
to be a better guy.
And also,
to have a better life,
to have a better relationship with someone.

from my honest heart.
Thanks for forgiving me,
forgiving a stupid one.
Really, thanks.
I'm so happy,
because I have met you all.
Ya... I'm very happy!

From: Your friend, f@n

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