Friday, July 25, 2008

see what's on

Photography competition 2008...
hm... actually the title was not easy,
Hm... tat means take some one
who is reading....
At first, i was not decided to join it.
Because i hav no time to take photos
since this is my SPM year!
however, teacher remember tat,
i hav joined this competition last year.
So, teacher ask me to simply take some photo,
b'coz not much contestants!
OK.... so i said i'll join it.
She said tat to me on Tuesday,
I ask her can i pass up the photos
on this friday, and she said can!
So i took the picture on Wednesday...
then wash it on Thursday... got it on the spot.
RM3 for each ah.... damn expensive
I'm not free on wednesday so cant wash it on tat day.
Then got it on friday!
then pass it to teacher....
And teacher said,
1) I cant put u in the 1st or 2nd place,
because u pass up it late! (WTH!)
2)The photos can edit by computer!
who said cannot!(I ask teacher this b'coz
i saw one of the contestants photo was edited.
WTF! Photography competition can edit photo 1 meh?)
3)She asked me wat type of camera did i use.
then i said the old type Canon cybershot.
And she said tat is why i cant get 1st or 2nd place!
(WTH! u decided the place not according to the photo.
is according to the camera which take the photos?
u noe y? Because one of the contestants use DSLR!)

So... conclusion is...
School photography competition is...
the one which don hav standard,
and is not following the STANDARD.
Haih... I'm juz nothing actually,
Watever la...
Yvonne is my modelfor this competition!

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Moon Things said...

I have to confess that photography competition in saujana memang xde standard. So don't let it make u miserable lah, memang x necessary.

1-Late submission doesn't mean the participant can't win, it is determined by quality of the submissions!!! ask that nutcase teacher to check her head.

2-You can always edit photo la, as long as u not overdone it, since you may distort the images and messages it conveys. Slight editing is fine. jahanam betul.

3-Never complain for price of printing!!!

4-Using dSLR indeed place one in better place. but rmb dSLR doesn't guarantee quality of the photo, photographer has to be great working with it too. that's why i rather save money for a dSLR instead a violin or tuning piano. THAT TEACHER DISCRIMINATE COMPACT USER ISSIT? Anyway, I don't think that she'll even know what's a dSLR.

So by aggregating the factors like...

LOUSY compt standard
and the school +.+

Not worth to spend your time, but at the end u got this catchy image~

HAHA crapping based on my experience as a former participant.

As for the photo, Yk punya kaki too close to the edge. the clouds are great, but yk's figure's doin lil underexposed.

goodluck for spm