Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hui ying's birthday

Yup! 2day... now is already 1.16am... so is yesterday.
It was Hui Ying's birthday (the one who wear pink).
She is my classmate... a cute classmate!! haha!!!
Anyway, I have told about meet at BTS
around 11.00am.
I reached there 10.55am+.
And i didn't see anyone there.
So I make a call.
They were still at Sri Petaling LRT station.
Ok... so I had no other choices and
I decided to spent my time at The Borders.
I took a book, found a suitable place,
and started reading.
The book was quite interesting,
so i finished the whole book.
By the way, I didn't receive any call
as I told them to call me once they reached.
I looked at my watch, WOW!!!!
It's 11.40am.
I made another call,
They were still at the station
the reason was they are waiting for someone!
Well, I really didn't know what to do next,
to spent the time!
I felt hungry, so I bought roti and enjoyed it slowly.
Suddenly, my phone rang, it was Momoe's sms.
'I'm on the way.' she wrote it in the message.
10 minutes later, I met Momoe finally,
and the gang after few minutes.
I looked at my watch, it was 11.57am!
We watch 'Made of Honour'.
It was a funny show!
After we went for shabu-shabu!
And this is how we spent with Hui ying
on her birthday!

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