Friday, October 10, 2008

Bitter candy

I got my result for my SPM trial, however, still have one subject which haven't got yet, chemistry.
Because my teacher is preparing to born her cute baby. And I asked Pn Syarifah
about our papers, she said may be got it on Monday.
So far I'm disappointing with my
SPM trial result, I got 6 A's only.
So I'm praying for my Chemistry result.

Yesterday was a happy day, for me and my classmate.
I don't know why, all of us are having fun and relaxing all the time.
However, after some fun and laugh, I wan trying to escape from there.
I went out from the class and sit on the stair step.
My mind relaxed when I was looking at the blue sky and the white clouds.
I thought about the days after my SPM.
I was scared! I was scared about I cannot see my friends that often anymore.
All of us have different road to go.
Maybe will go alone, with nobody.

''May our paths meet again as we travel on our way. May you always be my friend as I an yours today. I know you must travel your road and I must travel mine. But may our paths meet again sometimes.''
~form the collection of acapella choir

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