Saturday, October 18, 2008

''It's All About You''

Program : Prefect's Night
Date : 18 October 2008
Themes : 'It's All About You'
Venue : SMK SERI SAUJANA (Ya... it's in the school. Haih...)
Time : 6.30pm - 10.00pm

This is a prefect's activities of the year. It was started from last year. Haha... It's actually a dinner with some performances, entertainments and dances. Hm... consider a 'tiny prom night' for prefects.
Well... The attendance was a bit disappointed as most of the form 5 prefects did not come. There was only 9 form 5 prefects.
The themes for this is 'It's all about you'. This said that this Prefect's Night is just for us. I just want to tell those who did not come yesterday that, YOU MISSED A LOT!

Yvonne, Jun Lim, Zheng Hong, and I was performing during the night. And we did a final practice at the reading hall before the registration start. We went Zheng Hong's house to have bath first.

This is the backdrop of the night. Hey, can u see my guitar over there? The orange colour 1.

When all of us were registered and took a sit, Serena ask all the form 5 to do a cat walk! WTH... and I was requested to be the first one. I had no choice so I just walk out with my orange shirt! Haha, orange is a sharp colour so I think people can see me easily the back! XD

After that, of course some speech from Pn Latifah and Serena Chew, the head prefect for the year 08/09.

Speech finished. The new AJKs performed their song Hero. 'And then a hero comes along...' Haha... And Chong Siang walked to the front when singing the last phrase. You know what he do? A flying kiss to the form 5s! OMG!!! We'll appreciate it!

'.... Now you guys can get your food at the back of the hall...' All of us like did not eat for few years, all rush to get thier food... haih... paiseh!

All the table was empty, because all went to get their food!

After 5 minutes of the 'fight for the food' section, all the tables was full... Haih... Try compare both pictures... *Eat! Eat! Eat!*

After a while, the 1st perfomance started. From afternoon section prefects. It's a sketch, quite funny. Thanks for giving us the funny sketch!

After that, was our perfomance. Haih... I sang out of tune and it was so ugly for me. I'm going to die!!! Anyway, even Jay Chow will also sing out of tune mah... Am I right, cfs? Haha, I felt better when I told this to myself. :P *Seriously, out of tune man!* No picture for it, sorry.

Then the games section started. One people was chosen from each table. And they are asked to do a funny pose as shown in the photo. Then they are requested to do tongue twister. Haha... funny! Don't know how to explain here. :)

Next is the dancing section. All of us are asked to dance a dance called 'Chicken Dance'. Haha... some funny moves... Hm... don noe how to talk about this... let's the picture below talk ba!

Hey! My dancing moves so cute!!! Haha... I'm damn funny in this photo.Yvonne got high already! You see her!!! She was going crazy!Jun Lim too... Ah!!!!!!!!!!! *shout! shout! shout!*Rimbo section! *Dang dang dang!*
OMG! Shiao Yen! Can you do it? *Lower! Lower!*After some crazy dance, the night was reached to an end. All people were keeping all the stuff. But, where was I? Hehe... Taking picture at the side!!! :P *Tire already mah!*

Of course I took a lot of photos with them... And for sure I'll share one of that, and this is the one!That's me, followed by Christopher and Eugene!!!

*Ops, what a long post! Thanks for reading! hehe!*

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