Monday, August 03, 2009

Being a student isn't easy! Trust me!

A student,
have to study, have to score.
Some may need to work part time, just for their pocket money.

To me?
I have to study! Of course!
I have to score high also!
Pocket money? I need it!


What about time?

Study will be affected by part time job.
But money is not enough.
What to do?
No one can help.

My case is,
my pocket is empty!
I don't dare to ask for money from parents.
I'm serious! I am the kind of son! *haha... sounds like showing off*

About study?
I have no 'good' brain.
In other words, I'm not clever.
Honestly, I did my best to study.
I like to study actually.
I'm not as lazy as pig anyway.
But work hard is not equal to good result.
I understand this since I got my SPM result.
And I really don't mind it.
I know I did my best then it's the best result to me, no matter how bad is that.

What I need is a bright future!
A better future will be my target!
I really don't want to see my parents to work hard for just a little income.
Emo is useless in this case.
So I need to study hard! Very hard!
A bright future is waiting for me.

A student,
isn't easy to be.
A college student,
also isn't easy to be.

I wish every of my friend is enjoying their study stages!
All the best!

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