Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Student's Affairs office.

Yesterday was a tiring day. Guess what? Not because of classes, it's because those stupid workers!!!

I was looking for the office which I can enquires about PTPTN. And here's the story!

First, I went to the Admin. office, I managed to ask the worker about the office for enquires of PTPTN. They gave me an answer, Bursary department. Well, I went to the Bursary department then. However, the bursary department workers said ''Not here, not this block! I think it's at the academic block.'' K fine! Then I went to the academic block from the bursary office which located at 2nd floor!

But, I didn't see any office at that block! I search floor by floor!!! OMG!!! I hate staircase! I have 'climb' the stupid staircase for X times yesterday!!! Finally, I saw an office, I went in and ask. But they gave me an answer, answer that make me crazy! ''This is library office!!! You should go Student's Affairs office!''

At least I had a target now, the Student's Affairs office. I search floor by floor again! Which means the staircase again!!! ARGH!!! Too bad I failed to find it.

However, when I was leaving the academic block, I saw an office which stated nothing. Hm... I told myself, that is it!!!

So I went in, I saw some documents and annoucment which about PTPTN on the notice board. And this showed that this is it!!! OMG!!! Finally!!! =.='' I was full of sweats anyway!!!

Story ended!!!

I saw a board stated ''STUDENT"S AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT" on a office door. That is it! That office had two doors! And only 1 door is stated!!! WTH!!!

Money isn't easy to get!

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