Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Another boring day...

Holidays = boring days + happy days
School days = Teacher's days + friends days + homework days

Which one do you prefer?
i prefered holidays, b'coz i don't like teacher's days!!! (Haha! It doesn't mean i hate teacher.)
You prefer holidays or school days?
Anyway, you cannot decide what day u want.
The only things is juz accepting it. haih.... 'Meaningless'......
Well... 5 more days, must the time go fast? 2 weeks holiday i done nothing...
hm... actually, i done something. haha!
1st, finished 'Harry Potter and the Golblet of Fire'. (I noe i'm slow)
2nd, i bought 3 books! (Unbelievable i bought so many books and i juz finish a little part only.)
3rd, i applied Streamyx finally! It's Combe 60! Cheap and fast... (speed still ok la....)
4th, i created a brand new blog. (but not much ppl visit.)

WAIT!!!! I'm still haven done my Biology homework.... OH MY GOD!!!!!!
We told to do 3 sets of past year exam... Hm... maybe model test....
As long as homework... and i forgot about it.
The exercise books still in my bag..... haih.....

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