Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Petrol's price is raising!!!

The drivers are 'gathered' at the petrol station before the raise price day.
Oh my god... again! Petrol's price raise again!
What's going on with Malaysia?
Every things was raising price nowadays!
Can someone raise salary also?
And, the most serious thing is, petrol's price raise for RM0.80!
From RM1.92 per liter raise until RM2.72 per liter.
What the!? Can 'you' stop it?

I'm not scolding government, is just that telling 'you',
Malaysian cannot take it. It's a big challenge!
Can you imagine? If petrol's price raise once a half-year,
What is the price for petrol after 2 years?
Can it be RM4.00 per liter?
It's not impossible, and it will happen on our land!

As a Malaysian, we have no other choices.
We just have to take it, take it quietly,
take it with our sweats and blood (money) !
Am I right? We cannot do anything!
I really really hope that the price for petrol can be controlled!

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