Friday, June 20, 2008


Today, all 'sidang redaksi' have to bring their t-shirt,
because we have a photography section!
Morning, i saw some people are already wearing their T-shirt,
you can see a black dot from far. Haha!
Because the T-shirt was black in colour!
So it really attract people,

if standing in the assembly area

since all the students are wearing their school uniform.

Anyway, i didn't wear it to school.
As usual, i wear my blue school uniform
which without school badge! Haha!!!

The photography section start 8.30am!

But it's only 7.45am when I have changed my T-shirt!

And I don't feel like go back class,

so I stay at the 'pondok' with Kah Deng and Hui Wen.

Finally, Pn Normaliza come to the Open Hall.

And section started!
We do some post,
Choy Meng bites the money!

Pei Mun gives a Barley pose!

Geraldine tries to give a sexy+cool+beautiful pose!
And me, Jing Wei, Samuel, and Kok Fei take together!

Each of us pose with a camera!
Yup! There's 4 cameras!

After that, Geraldine and 4 of us are playing 'jumping shot'.

That is fun but tiring!
That's it! Is that nice? Or... whatever!
Yes! Finally, choir started practicing the new song!

Yup! A malay song!

Hehe, just learned a little front part.

But then i'm so happy,
it's my arrangement!
Yes! I arranged it! HAHAHA!
(So perasan -_-")

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