Thursday, June 26, 2008

Be myself.

It is an ordinary day,
and I, as usual,
go to school, and wait for the bell ring!
Go back home, and wait for the rice come!
I ask myself,
'Do i really do my best?'
And... there's no answer for this question.
Nobody can answer my question, I knew.
The only one who can really answer my question
is myself.

So what I want to do now,
is to find myself back!
I want back my truth.
However, I don't know where to go.
Day after day, I learned a lot of things.
I could stand on my own feet
without anyone's help!
Because I don't need it, maybe.

I know there's types of people in this world,
what to do? I'm just try to ignore.
Ignore what I don't want.
Appreciate what I'm having right now!

I hate it,
It hurt me!
But I love it,
It makes me happy.

I don't know what should I do!
Should I run away from these?
I wish to but I couldn't!

And now...
I'll find myself!
Forget about the past,
work for the future!
I'll answer my own question on my own!
I'll stop thinking of negative!
I'll not to ignore what I don't expect!
I'll not hate friendship anymore!
I'll know what should i do for every future step of my life!
I'll be myself!

Thank you my parents, sisters, and all my friends!

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