Friday, June 13, 2008


Well... it is a long way to go if i wan to get 6 or 7 A's in my SPM (my target V^.^).
My half-year examination's result was damn suck man...
What I got for it is only 3 A's,

BM - 55%
BI - 64%
BC - 71%
SJ - 31%
PM - 59%
MA - 87%
MT - 58%
BIO - 41%
FZ - 53%
KI - 45%
EST- 68%

And... my percentage only 57%. Haih...
I have to work harder...

Yesterday, a lot of colleges or universities came to our school and do some promotion(I don noe what it's call so i call it promotion la).
I'm very interested in 1 college(I think is college), Malaysian Institute Of Art (MIA).Hm... There had diploma in music... WU~ ... i forgot to ask the fees! T.T~ I think is around 20,000 - 50,000 lo... think so la! But then this college is at Taman Melawati (somewhere around Zoo Negara). So it's a big problem for my transportation.
Anyway, I'll try my best to take a good result for SPM to get in form 6 then take STPM.Because University Malaya is my first choice! So I'll try my best to get in... haha...

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