Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yesterday went to KLIUC with my dad and Jia Hao.
Jia Hao reached my house at about 1.30pm.
My dad back from work at about 2.15pm.
So we go at about 2.25pm!
*What am I talking about? All crap!*

Kk... fine.... straight to the point point then!
Asked a lot of things about PTPTN and the fees at the marketing department.
Yes! PTPTN, not KOJADI. I decided to take diploma in civil engineering.
*Explain... explain... explain...*
Before we go, she (the one who explain to us) wanted us to pay RM30 for the application fee.
I was like.... huh? I haven't fill the application form yet!
''DING!'' Oh ya... I already filled the application form at the NAPEN education fair...
I'm just had not pass my SPM result.

So she asked for the photostat SPM result slip and the RM30!

So that's it! I applied KLIUC diploma in civil engineering!
It's quite surprise! But since I already decided to take this course,
so it's ok... although it's so surprise.

Today went to Bank Simpanan Nasional for some PTPTN loan stuffs...
Went school for choir after that....
What I can say about choir,
is, it's a tradisional of Saujana choir!
Play! Play! Play!
Haih... then back home!

P/S: Lip yong swim?! IMPOSSIBLE!

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