Monday, April 27, 2009

When nuts forget it's skin.

Send dad and mum or parents to homes for aged.
Some people will do this. But, peoples hate them.

After SPM, I feel a bit sad...
yeah, it's about friends...

After graduate, all my friends have their own works to do.
I understand it. However, you all are really far away.

I don't know what is actually happened to you all! I don't know! I hope you all to share!
During secondary school time, we shared all things!
We talked everyday. We study together. We hang out together.
Sometimes, we just sit in a group, with nothing to do. Just together!
The feel was good! I really want it!

I'm so lucky that, some of you still hang together with me.
However, not everyday as like last time.
I'm so greed, I know. It's impossible! I know.

You go toilet with your friends!
You teach friends homework!
You join any activity with friends!
You do everything with your friends!

But, it's just 4 months, your friendship of years is 'going down'.
What is your feel then?

I'm really sad... I know this is one of out life stage.
I'm just need some time to accept it!

Thanks my friends for giving me such a memorial high school time!

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