Friday, July 03, 2009

Sir Rizal: ''Erm... hm....''

The English quiz was postponed to next Monday.
Considered a good news for me! HAHAHA!!!

Sir Rizal? Who is that?
He is my Physics lecturer.
Well, I think he's a newbie lecturer.
You know why?
Look at my title then you'll know...

Still cannot get it?
Let me tell you...
When he's lecturing,
he'll stop suddenly! Yeah... stop! COMPLETELY stop!
Stop for 3 -4 minutes...

Why? I know you all must asking now...
Because he don't know what he want to lecture or say next...
WTH!!! O.o Just trust me...

''When two vectors are in the same direction, then ....."
*3 or 4 minutes later*
"Ya! then the angle is zero.... bla bla bla...."

That's it! This will happen 3 or 4 times during the class...
OMG!!! Help!!!

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